Graffiti Removal Request

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Business Property

To request graffiti removal from your business in Lane Cove LGA click this link: Business graffiti removal form

For more detailed information please visit our website: Lane Cove Council graffiti removal

Public Property

For removal of Graffiti in non Council public areas please contact the relevant agency:

  • Bus Shelters - 1800 501 402
  • Australia Post - 131 318
  • Sydney Water - 9350 5511
  • Ausgrid - 13 13 88
  • Telstra - 4645 4966
  • Private Property

    Council does not remove graffiti from private property, there is advice and information on how to do this on our website: Lane Cove Council graffiti removal

    Council Property

    If the graffiti is on Council property, please select the box below to complete the form.

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