Nature Strip Mowing Service Application

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Nature Strip Mowing Service Application

Council provides a Nature Strip Mowing Service for those residents who are unable to maintain the nature strip and meet eligibility requirements

Eligibility Criteria

The following criteria will be considered in assessing a person’s eligibility for inclusion on the Nature Strip Mowing List. Council reserves the right to take special conditions into consideration, other than those listed.

  • Be a permanent resident of Lane Cove, and occupy the property which is the subject of the Nature Strip Mowing Service application; and
  • Be receiving or be assessed as eligible to receive home care services such as Meals on Wheels, Linen Service or Easy Care Gardening Service, or have a disability or other medical condition which makes it impossible for that person to mow their nature strip; and
  • Be the holder of a current Pensioner Concession Card (PCC) or War Service Pension issued by the Commonwealth Government; or some other type of income substitution resulting from a physical disability eg workers compensation or income protection benefit; and
  • Have no other members of the household or relatives who are able to mow the nature strip.
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